Using Third-Party Logistics as a Brand Extension

Third Party Logistics

When many think of third-party logistics, they are quick to recognize its organizational relief, in benefitting its partners through increased efficiency, security and capacity. In a business sense, this type of outsourcing saves costs and time. However, how does it impact a brand?

Keeping fulfillment in-house may seem like a way to ensure results, with everyone having eyes on the process. However, trying to juggle the needs of consumers and costs can create cracks not only in a company’s procedure but in its customer’s satisfaction.

That satisfaction of consumers and company impression is important. That is a company’s brand. Without the measures in place that can afford a strong impression and a strong brand, companies can suffer. A 3PL partner can change all that.

How 3PL Builds a Stronger Brand

While a 3PL partner can support many attributes that streamline and promote quality within a business, the following are three key areas that build up a brand through third party logistics.

Promise Quality
While some may see a company’s design or logo as its brand presence, company experiences are the most influential in creating the brand perception. One of the strongest components of one’s brand perception is that of quality and value; built on product satisfaction and the cost/solution relationship. If a product isn’t of quality, the overall perception of a brand and company is damaged.

Third-party logistics helps control quality assurance. By ensuring that everything going out the door is of the utmost quality, consumers receive not only effective and above-standard products, they also see the quality in packaging, shipping services, transport and more – which all make an impact on brand perception.

Fulfill Faster
Imagine being back-logged during a busy season. Inventory may be abundant, but the manpower to get it tracked and out the door causes delays and disruption and in the speed of if it all, an increased margin for error. The exciting height of sales becomes an internal struggle; and as consumers get frustrated with delayed shipments or lapsed quality, their perception of the brand changes. Hurting the brand isn’t only an intangible frustration, it hurts repeat business and chances of referral.

Customers, consumers and businesses alike, respond positively to the speed of delivery. More than ever, instant gratification influences purchasing patterns and behaviors and increases demand quick response and fulfillment. Third-party logistics streamlines the process, so not only is a company’s bottom line eased; their consumers respond positively. Product moves faster and more efficiently and happens all in one place to keep sales fulfilled faster.

Lasting Reputation
For repeat consumers, consistency is key. Loyal consumers expect the same, or better, service each time they participate in a brand. With realistic expectations, consumers should see consistent timing, quality, and service throughout each engagement.

If a product is delivered in a week’s time for the first order, and upon the next order, a month’s time, a company’s promise to consistent, quality service appears weak. Their brand perception is faulted for being unreliable and uncommitted. Using the resources of a third-party logistics partner, consistency becomes easy. Routine procedures and a quality control process along each step ensure the same service and timing at whatever order a customer is on. This consistency builds a positive reputation – one that grows loyalty and referral in customers.

Balancing Customer and Company Needs

Building a positive experience for customer satisfaction grows repeat and new business. With allied, happy customers, companies can count on the loyalty and referral, which both impact a bottom line. Melding this focus with the need to continue company satisfaction and profitability in tandem, is where a 3PL force can make all the difference.

Building positive brand perceptions through easy fulfillment, quality and consistency benefit not only the consumer but the company as well. A one-stop-shop in taking products from point A to point B, companies see the same results from their partners that their customers see of them: quality, speed, and consistent service. And, the cost-saving measures from consolidating and outsourcing needs to a 3PL partner saves time and resources in opposition to building the means necessary in-house and hiring those to complete those needs. These measures boast a brand anyone can trust.

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