Many companies have discovered the hard way how more service providers along the supply chain increase the risk of bottlenecks and delays. Reducing the number of providers represents an opportunity to tighten and streamline an otherwise fragmented and inefficient supply chain. Ranger3PL is a company ready to meet all your logistics needs from warehousing to fulfillment, including third-party logistics transportation services. If your company is ready to solve its supply chain challenge, Ranger3PL is ready to help. Call us at 812-522-6000 to learn more.

All-in-One Logistics Services and Solutions by Ranger3PL

Businesses poised to achieve new levels of success often find one of the barriers standing in their way is their supply chain. Ranger3PL has expanded the range of third-party logistics services we offer over the years. Why? Because we’ve witnessed first-hand how an optimal supply chain can become the competitive advantage a business needs to gain market share relative to competitors. Transportation services might seem like a minor link in your supply chain, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our third-party logistics transportation services ensure the chain is strong. 

Transportation to Six Cities from Our Unique Location

Situated in Seymour, Indiana (south of Indianapolis) makes Ranger3PL your gateway to a number of critical population centers in the midwestern US, including the following cities with drive-times noted:

  • Indianapolis, Indiana: 1 hour
  • Louisville, Kentucky: 1 hour
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: 2 hours
  • Springfield, Illinois: 4 hours
  • Chicago, Illinois: 4 hours
  • St. Louis, Missouri: 5 hours

As you can see from the above list, there’s a reason why Indiana is called the Crossroads of America. Ranger3PL has a fleet of transportation vehicles that includes semi-tractor trailers, flatbed trucks, and box trucks to move your products where they need to go.

Ranger3PL’s Transportation Services

The third-party logistics transportation services we offer at Ranger3PL include the following:

  • Asset-Based Local Cartage: If you prefer transporting your products with a carrier who owns their fleet and employs their drivers, then you’ll be pleased to know that Ranger3PL’s transportation service is asset-based local cartage. While being an asset-based carrier doesn’t carry the same weight or significance as it used to, many companies still think that way. Regardless of how your products are transported, you’ll rest assured knowing everything is fully insured to protect your company from potential losses. 
  • Expedited Services: When you need to get your products to their destination as quickly as possible, Ranger3PL is ready to coordinate expedited transportation services. We’ll look at all the options available and choose the most cost-effective method to get your products where they need to be on-time, whether we are the carrier or if another provider is needed to get the job done.
  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL): We take advantage of economies of scale when moving smaller quantities of goods on a regular basis for multiple companies. Less-than-truckload (LTL) or less-than-load means we coordinate and consolidate shipping among multiple businesses whenever possible in order to save you money, maximizing the efficient use of our fleet for both distribution and fulfillment. After all, why pay for a whole truck if your load doesn’t fill it up? Our assembly service takes care of that for you, and everyone saves on shipping costs. 
  • Freight Forwarding: If you need assistance in coordinating transportation of products by other methods, whether domestically or internationally, Ranger3PL can act as a freight forwarder to coordinate cargo shipments by rail, air, or sea as needed. 
  • Cross-Docking: When product shipments need to stay in motion to reduce storage costs, we coordinate cross-docking to get the job done. This best practice for greater efficiency in the supply chains means products unloaded on an incoming truck or railroad car are immediately loaded onto an outbound truck or railroad car with little or no storage in-between. 

Third-party logistics transportation services are just one piece of the supply chain puzzle we can solve for you. Read on to get the full picture of how Ranger3PL can optimize your supply chain.

Warehousing and Inventory Management Services

Warehousing integrated with inventory management was the initial core competency that got the ball rolling at Ranger3PL back in 1995. Our expertise and capacity in this area include the following:

  • Warehouses: 16 different warehouse facilities with a total capacity exceeding 700,000 square feet. Learn more about Ranger3PL’s Warehouse Facilities
  • Food Grade Storage: Precise control of warehouse temperatures to meet the regulatory requirements for maintaining food safety is available in many of our warehouses.
  • Customized Order Fulfillment (B2B & B2C): We customize order fulfillment to meet all your needs and requirements.
  • Materials Management: We’ll store your key materials and ship them on an as-needed basis. 
  • Inventory Management: Advanced inventory tracking technologies mean you will always know what you have and when it needs to be replenished.
  • e-Commerce Distribution: Ranger3PL can assist in configuring your online ordering system to automatically copy orders with particular zip codes to us for delivery in our geographic service area.
  • Quality Control: All our facilities are maintained to the highest standards.

Learn more about our expertise in warehousing and inventory management on the following pages of our website:


Pallets are often an afterthought, and yet they are one of the most essential basic building blocks of quality warehousing to store and move your products and materials. The Importance of Using the Right Pallet for a specific job should never be underestimated, and we build our own pallets using more than twenty different schematics to ensure the pallet fits the product. We also make and ship pallets built to customer specs on a just-in-time (JIT) basis. Learn more about Ranger3PL’s Pallet Services

Fulfillment and Final Mile Logistics with Ranger3PL

When it’s time to transition from in-house fulfillment to outsourced fulfillment, Ranger3PL is capable of handling all your fulfillment and final mile logistics needs. Find out more on the following pages of our website: 

Ranger3PL can handle all your traditional product distribution, eCommerce fulfillment, and final mile logistics to strengthen and streamline your supply chain throughout the Midwest.

Overhauling and Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Ranger3PL

Whether it’s third-party logistics transportation services, warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, distribution, pallets, or final mile logistics, Ranger3PL optimizes your supply chain by providing all these services to your company rather than relying on multiple providers. We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can help. Get in touch through the contact page of our website or call us directly at 812-522-6000 to get the conversation started!

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