Whether the inventory you need to warehouse is raw material inventory, work-in-progress inventory, or finished goods inventory, Ranger3PL has the expertise and experience to manage your inventory, including robust inventory quality control services to ensure your inventory is ready to go when needed. Our worry-free approach to inventory quality control always keeps the ultimate goal of your company’s long-term stability front and center, giving you peace of mind knowing your inventory is in good hands.

Inventory Quality Control in the Outsourced Warehouse Setting

Many businesses simply don’t have the facilities or staff or systems to warehouse their own inventory, which is why the warehousing and storage industry pulls in more than $50 billion in revenue and is growing. Many companies providing outsourced warehousing services, however, haven’t kept up with the kinds of advanced technologies demanded by twenty-first-century clients. Just as many if not more warehousing companies don’t offer integrated logistics services, which is yet another evolution increasingly demanded by today’s clients. Ranger3PL started out as a warehousing provider, but we have always prioritized keeping up with industry trends and technologies, including our evolution into the full range of third-party logistics to meet client needs.

The Bigger Picture: Warehousing and Inventory Management Services

There are nested layers of services at Ranger3PL, with warehousing management being the broadest system of all. Nested within warehousing is inventory management, and nested within inventory management is inventory quality control.

Warehousing includes shipping and receiving inventory items from warehousing facilities, how items are arranged in a layout within a specific warehouse, and the way workers fit within the schedule of operations for a warehouse. For example, items with a high turnover rate within the warehouse will be placed in the most convenient location near loading and shipping docks to minimize wasted time, and regular reporting tools help identify areas where we can improve efficiency.

Inventory Management in the twenty-first century makes use of specialized technologies to automatically keep track of your inventory and include features such as automated ordering. Even a midsize company’s inventory is too large and complex to leave up to potential errors, which is why the inventory management practices of a partner such as Ranger3PL can keep your business ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. Our inventory management services keep track of the entire inventory of your company while you own it, including items stored in our warehouses and those that are in transit.

The better the systems and expertise of your warehousing and inventory management partner, the more your company will save on inventory costs, which means an increase in profits. Our goal at Ranger3PL is an optimally lean approach, making sure no more and no less inventory is held in our warehouses than is required to meet your needs.

Quality Control for Inventory is Essential

Inventory quality control is an even narrower focus on the systems and best practices to ensure your company’s inventory in our care is maintained at the highest standards possible to either meet or exceed your required quality standards. It goes without saying that what’s required is going to vary depending on the type of inventory.

You only get to make a first impression once with your customers. If they get a product from you and it’s damaged or has quality defects, they may never purchase from you again, plus you’ll have the hassles and headaches of dealing with a dissatisfied customer, product returns, possible bad reviews, and so on. That all adds up to a steep cost to pay if some relatively simple inventory quality control were put in place with your warehousing and fulfillment partner.

The team at Ranger3PL is capable of enacting strict quality control standards to your exact specifications. While we warehouse and before shipping, we can examine your products to ensure that they’re of a standard you’re satisfied with to offset any potential customer complaints, as well as reduce costs and improve your reputation. Once we have accepted your quality control specifications, we train our personnel and adjust our technologies to accommodate them, and we back it all up with robust documentation and reporting direct to you.

With 16 warehouses comprising more than 700,000 feet of storage capacity, Ranger3PL’s warehouses all offer climate control, including frozen storage, dry storage, or refrigerated storage. We also offer food-grade storage, which must be registered with the FDA and maintained at their standards through annual compliance inspections. Additionally, food-grade storage warehouses must obtain food licenses on the state level, adhere to the guidelines within the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and have a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) staffed to oversee the Food Safety Plan. Ranger3PL is up-to-date on all these requirements.

The takeaways from this are clear: With Ranger3PL providing warehousing, fulfillment, inventory management, and inventory quality control services, your company will experience the benefits of reduced waste, lower inventory costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

The Ranger3PL Advantage

In addition to Ranger3PL’s top-notch warehousing, fulfillment, and inventory management services and expertise, you’ll also benefit from our strategic location in Seymour, Indiana for easy access to six major metropolitan markets, including Indiana, Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Springfield IL, Chicago IL, and St. Louis MO. If it’s time for your company to partner with a growing full-range third-party logistics provider, we look forward to hearing from you. Start the conversation through the contact page of our website or call us directly at 812-522-6000. You’ll be glad you did!

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