A pallet is a flat structure typically used as a base for goods within a supply chain. In more detail, it’s a platform that is both rigid and portable which provides structure as the base for storing, assembling, handling, stacking, and transporting goods in one complete load. Pallets can be composed of many different types of materials and structures in different ways to provide products with a solid base. The goods are usually stacked on top of the pallet and then contained in some way to keep them even more secure, typically with straps, nets, or wraps. However, the wrapping doesn’t offer as much structure and stability as the pallet itself does.  

The Importance of Pallets

While pallets may seem like a mundane part of a warehouse with all the products and machinery around, they provide more than you may even think. Pallets are a fundamental part of global commerce. They offer protection to the products, hold and absorb heavyweight and stresses, and they’re the safeguard that takes on the impact from the forklifts. They’re so vital in a warehouse that without them, the shipment may not get to where it needs to be in the condition it should be in. 

When the pallet is high-quality, it offers a reduction in the amount of product that is contaminated or damaged, it allows for high volumes of product, reduces fuel costs, and it can help protect workers from injury caused by shipments that are unbalanced or overloaded.  

Types of Pallets

Pallets are comprised of several different types of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, and cardboard. Each material offers its benefits of use; however, each also has its limitations. Pallets also come in different styles and sizes to fit the products’ needs. 

Wood pallets offer an affordable, customizable, recyclable, and lightweight option. They’re likely the type of pallet you picture when you think about them. Wood pallets make a solid universal choice. However, wood is susceptible to harboring bacteria, moisture, and bugs. Wood can also splinter, which can then cause damage to the products. Nevertheless, wood pallets make a good choice for certain products. 

Plastic pallets are easy to clean, durable, and recyclable. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the downfalls that come with wood pallets when you use plastic pallets. They are not only moisture resistant, but they also won’t splinter or harbor bugs and bacteria. However, plastic pallets are on the pricier side, so they may not make an economical choice for you. If your warehouse has a guaranteed palate return, then they could be a good choice for you. 

Metal pallets are durable. They offer an insect-free, sturdy base for products, but they aren’t a common choice. Most of the reason behind their lack of popularity is their price tag. They’re also susceptible to rust which can be extremely damaging. However, they work well for products that require more of a closed environment.   

Heat-Treated Pallets

Heat-treated pallets prefer a method of sterilizing the pallet to get it in top shape for shipments. It’s typically done to wood pallets to burn off any hazardous materials, including any potential parasites and bacteria. Heat-treating pallets make them safer to use, especially when it comes to international shipments. Ranger3PL offers heat-treated pallets to fit your needed specifications and budget so you can continue to expand your company without compromising on the price and integrity of the pallet.    

Just in Time Delivery Pallets

With just-in-time delivery, you won’t have to worry about materials taking up space in your warehouse. When you have pallet materials sitting around for days or weeks before they’re needed, it can often lead to a less profitable and inefficient supply chain. Ranger3PL operates a transportation suite delivering pallets on a scheduled basis so you can get the exact pallets you need when you need them. 

New Pallets

When working with Ranger3PL, we offer all different kinds of brand-new pallets. Our team has cultivated relationships with pallet manufacturers to ensure we can offer the best prices on your pallet needs. If you’re looking for the best brand-new pallets available with certain specifications to fit the needs of your supply chain, we can help.  

Used Pallets

At Ranger3PL, we offer a variety of used pallets in addition to new pallets. Used pallets can still have the same integrity as new ones, and we would never offer a pallet that isn’t high-functioning and high-quality. Used pallets can allow you to cut the cost that can come with getting brand-new ones when you don’t need them. Using pallets can be the way to go if you’re looking to lower total supply chain expenditures. Our team at Ranger3PL can help you make the best decision for your company. 

Build to Spec Pallets

In some cases, you may require highly specialized pallets that need to be custom-built. The pallet may need to perform a certain function, fit specific physical dimensions, or meet weight capacity. No matter the reason, Ranger3PL offers individualized and custom-built pallet options at a reasonable rate. 

Choosing the Right Pallet

When considering the type of pallet you need, it’s better to look past the price tag and instead assess the needs of your products. With the complexity of the supply chain being a priority, you don’t want to be stuck with sub-par pallets that aren’t providing all they should be providing. You want your pallets to work well and efficiently enough that you’re not even thinking about them and not worrying about them.

Pallet Safety in the Warehouse

While pallets are vital for the efficiency of a supply chain, they can be dangerous when not used properly. If something goes wrong, a worker could be seriously injured. It’s important to practice pallet use safety. Exercise caution when using them and never use them as a man lift. In addition, be extremely cautious when having to stand on them, and be aware that some pallet designs are prone to tipping. Make sure to use protective equipment when racking pallets. 

Pallet Specification to Meet Your Needs

The team at Ranger3PL understands that pallets are the workhorses of your warehousing and shipping operations. We’re here to provide the pallets and pallet services necessary to allow you to properly store your products and get them to a consumer in the most hassle-free and cost-efficient manner possible. 

Whether you need a new or used pallet, we can build them to spec, following your individual needs. Heat-treated and just-in-time delivery are also specialties of ours so that you never have to worry about your pallet needs being met. Find out more about our pallet services and contact us today!

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