Over the past quarter-century, Ranger3PL has risen to the top of third-party logistics providers to meet the needs of businesses who need to distribute products to key US midwestern cities such as Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and St. Louis. Unbeatable expertise and top-notch customer service based on collaboration is your guarantee to experience every benefit of superior logistics outsourcing.

We provide a full range of logistics services, including warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, final mile logistics, transportation for shipping and delivery. Ranger 3PL serves a wide range of industries, including retail, transportation, government, nonprofits, food and beverage, industrial goods, consumer goods, paper and packaging, healthcare, energy, infrastructure, and technology.

Outsourcing Logistics to Solve Your Supply Chain Challenges

At Ranger3PL, we pride ourselves on our broad product and service offerings, as well as our ability to provide a custom-tailored solution to your business. Each article listed below gives you essential information on the what and why of outsourcing your supply chain challenges for Ranger 3PL to solve:

Now that you understand the value a third-party logistics provider such as Ranger 3PL brings to the table, find out more about each of our service areas below.

Warehousing and Inventory Management Services

Among Ranger 3PL’s core specialties is superior warehousing management to make sure your product storage and material handling needs are met in your supply chain puzzle. Delivery to critical midwestern cities is quick and efficient from our convent location in Seymour, Indiana, an hour south of Indianapolis and an hour north of Louisville. Listed below are core features of our warehousing and inventory management services.

  • 16 Warehouse Facilities: Collective capacity of 700,000 square feet. Get the details on Ranger 3PL’s Warehouse Facilities. We can effectively handle nearly any material or product.
  • Food Grade Storage: We provide careful controlling of warehouse temperatures as needed to meet all regulatory requirements to maintain food safety.
  • Customized Order Fulfillment (B2B & B2C): We’ll work with you to customize order fulfillment in whatever way you need. Give us a list of your requirements and we’ll show you a plan for meeting every one of them.
  • Materials Management: Need to store key materials and only ship them to a particular site when called for? We’ll develop a flexible, customized plan that meets your needs.
  • Inventory Management: With Ranger 3PL on the job, you’ll always know exactly what you have in inventory and when it needs to be replenished in the warehouse. We’ve implemented very effective technologies for tracking and managing inventory.
  • Cross-Docking: This is a best practice to reduce the cost of warehousing and save you money. Learn more about how cross-docking works.
  • e-Commerce Distribution: Set up your online order system to automatically copy orders with particular zip codes to Ranger 3PL for distribution in our geographic service area. Scale your internet sales in the Midwest with our fleet of trucks to move your products and materials.
  • Quality Control: Our facilities are all maintained at the highest standards. We’ve become a leader of logistics providers in the Midwest thanks to our commitment to quality service.

Learn more about our approach to warehouse, inventory tracking, and inventory management in the articles listed below:

Transportation Services for Distributing in Your Supply Chain

When companies are tackling challenges related to shipping and distribution in their supply chain, and third-party logistics contract with Ranger 3PL can reduce the hassles and headaches with a combination package including warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation for final mile logistics.

  • Asset-Based Local Cartage: Our fleet of transport vehicles is robust and ready to roll. And our location is ideal—an hour to Indianapolis, an hour to Louisville, two hours to Cincinnati, four hours to both Chicago and Springfield IL, and five hours to St. Louis.
  • Expedited Services: Need rush shipping? We’ve got you covered. We’re constantly sending our trucks out to locations throughout our service area and can easily add your rush shipment to get the job done.
  • Less than Truckload (LTL): We coordinate LTL practices to maximize efficiency and save money for our customers.

Whether it’s for ecommerce, manufacturing, retail, B2B or B2C, the rules of engagement in battling your supply chain issues demand having experts like Ranger 3PL on your side. Freight transportations services by our trucking fleet or by train mean your products and materials ship efficiently and safely from the inventory you keep in our warehouse facilities. Learn more about the Integration of Technology in Transportation at Ranger 3PL.


When it comes to properly storing and moving large amounts of products and materials around, the critical piece of the puzzle no one ever thinks about is the humble pallet. What many don’t realize is The Importance of Using the Right Pallet. At Ranger 3PL we build pallets to more than twenty different schematics to make sure the right pallet is always used that will best meet a customer’s particular need. And we reuse pallets to get the most out of them during their lifecycle. In addition to using our pallets on-site for our warehousing and logistics customers, we can also ship pallets, whether new or used, built to customer specs on a just-in-time (JIT) basis. We can also heat treat any pallets that will be used for export purposes that meet customs requirements. Get the details on Ranger 3PL’s Pallet Services.

Fulfillment and Final Mile Logistics with Ranger 3PL

Perhaps the most sought-after piece of the supply chain puzzle is fulfillment and final mile logistics. For small operations selling products on the internet or through Amazon, they can rely on well-established companies such as FedEx, the United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service (UPS) for their final mile logistics to get products directly to their final destination—the individual customer who purchased the product. But when you’re talking about bulk distribution of inventory to multiple retailer sites or large customers, you need a different kind of solution.

The advantage of partnering with Ranger 3PL is getting multiple services from a single vendor to cover a large geography in the Midwest. We have the infrastructure and the experience to handle goods of all types, store them in our facilities safely and securely, and ship them to where they need to go in our service area by truck or by train depending on the final destination.

When you want greater visibility into your supply chain, having one vendor instead of many in a whole region is the way to go. A contract with Ranger 3PL as your logistics provider is how companies can scale up their distribution throughout our large service area.

Your Supply Chain Optimized for Maximum Efficiency

What’s the most important aspect of your business? Is it production or making sales of the products? Of course the correct answer is both, but what’s missing from this simple equation is getting the products where they need to be. As your company grows, your supply chain gets more complex. And then one day you look at it and you see how fractured it is. In a given region you may found you’ve got a warehousing vendor, a transportation vendor, an inventory management vendor, and even a pallet vendor. That’s four different vendors you have to manage and coordinate all in one region. No wonder you go home with a headache every day!

When you partner with Ranger 3PL, you get all those services and more with just one vendor to serve your needs in a region of the Midwest that includes multiple major metropolitan areas in its service area. In collaboration with you, we’ll design logistics solutions that reduce the number of moving parts and solve your supply chain headaches once and for all.

Ready to win your supply chain battle and close the loop on logistics? Our professional services provide the advanced functions and solutions you need, along with a customer experience you will love. We’ll sit down with you to understand your business, go over each requirement you need met, discuss any specific industry regulatory concerns, share our expert advice for developing a plan to take your supply chain performance to the next level in our service area. Get in touch with Ranger 3PL through the contact page of our website or call use directly at 812-522-6000.

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