Outsourced warehousing services with Ranger 3PL aren’t limited to finished goods for distribution to retailers or fulfillment of customer orders. We work with a wide range of manufacturers to store and manage the inventory of materials that need to be delivered to manufacturing facilities in specific quantities at well-defined times. If your company is looking for top-notch materials management and just-in-time (JIT) delivery to manufacturing sites, look no further than Ranger 3PL.

Knowing When to Outsource Materials Management

As a manufacturer, your company’s supply chain management includes the raw materials and other components that go into making your product. You figure out the amount of each material needed and how often it’s delivered, plan for the replenishment of these materials, and determine what suppliers offer the right mix of quality, price, and availability for each material to ensure you’ve got what you need when and where you need it to meet production schedules and quantities as cost effectively as possible.

It is when your manufacturing levels expand beyond the on-site materials warehousing capacity of your company that you reach a decision point: You can attempt to find, rent/purchase, and run your own warehouse facility, or you can choose to find a third-party logistics partner like Ranger 3PL who can take on the materials management task with expertise and advanced technologies for materials inventory management and JIT delivery to your manufacturing site(s).

Finding a Partner to Help You with Materials Management

A warehousing partner doesn’t have to wait until after your products are manufactured to come into the picture as a strategic asset. For manufacturers, your necessary materials are what allow you to continue creating products for clients. Maintaining good prices and a smooth flow of raw materials is vital to ensuring you remain profitable and operating at peak efficiency. When seeking a materials management partner, keep the following key considerations in mind:

  • Scalability: If your company grows and increases manufacturing quantities, will the 3PL partner be able to keep up? Ranger 3PL can scale up to keep up with you.
  • Custom Solutions: Some third-party logistics companies are simply too large to offer flexibility outside the norms for custom solutions when needed. Ranger 3PL is big enough to meet your needs and nimble enough to provide custom solutions without cutting through all the red tape that often comes with a mega 3PL company.
  • Longevity: You’ll have greater peace of mind if your 3PL partner has been in the industry long enough to gain deep expertise and has changed and evolved to keep up with industry trends and technologies. Ranger3PL was founded in 1995 as a brick-and-mortar warehousing company in Seymour, Indiana. In the first decade of operation, we developed a strong presence within Southern Indiana’s manufacturing community. In 2007, Ranger3PL was acquired by Kocolene Development Corporation (KDC). With the backing of KDC’s 80+ years in business, Ranger transformed into a dominant, asset-based third-party logistics provider.

With decades of experience in handling materials, the team at Ranger3PL has cultivated excellent working relationships with suppliers. We’re able to advocate for you, ensuring a good price on your materials and the right shipment services to make sure you always have a consistent flow of materials to optimize your output.

Supply Chain Disruptions: Ongoing Impacts

While the massive global supply chain disruptions that made headlines throughout much of the COVID-19 pandemic seem to have faded, manufacturers know all too well there are ongoing impacts that are still affecting the flow of materials. Just because those issues are no longer the focus of media headlines doesn’t mean all is well or back to pre-pandemic predictability.

One result of ongoing supply chain problems is that many companies proactively overstocked materials and products to protect against possible further disruptions. This was an interesting shift from a just-in-time (JIT) to just-in-case (JIC) framework to plan for possible problems. This in turn has reduced the overall vacancy rate of warehouse space to historically low levels. In other words, even if your company wanted to just purchase or lease warehouse space to handle its own materials management needs, you might be surprised to find nothing is available within reasonable reach of your manufacturing site(s).

Ranger 3PL has robust warehouse facilities, and our geographically strategic location in Seymour Indiana puts us within easy reach of several major metropolitan areas for truck transportation and delivery of materials, including Indianapolis IN (one-hour drive), Louisville KY (one-hour drive), Cincinnati OH (two-hour drive), Springfield IL (four-hour drive), Chicago IL (four-hour drive), and St. Louis MO (five-hour drive).

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Benefits of a 3PL Partnership

The most fundamental benefit of working with a third-party logistics provider is so obvious many tend to forget just how important it is: Taking things off your company’s plate so you can focus on the core competencies of running and growing the business. An additional core benefit is cost-effectiveness. When warehousing and materials management begins to exceed in-house expertise and on-site facility capacities, attempting to continue meeting those needs from within the company becomes a significant cost factor. Outsourcing to a trusted partner like Ranger 3PL ends up saving significant resources because of our expertise and efficiency in meeting your warehousing and materials management needs. The combination of these two key benefits can have a profoundly positive impact on your company’s growth trajectory. Below is a summary of all the key benefits of working with a 3PL partner:

  • Focus on Core Competencies.
  • Drive Cost Savings.
  • Accessing Expertise and Experience.
  • Flexibility and Scalability.
  • Drive Business Growth.

If it’s time for your company to establish a partnership with a third-party logistics service provider for warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, materials management, and a range of other value-added services, we invite you to learn more about what Ranger 3PL can do for you. With our expertise and experience combined with our employee-owned structure, we’re confident you won’t find a 3PL who works harder to meet your needs and requirements than Ranger 3PL. Feel free to get in touch through the contact page of our website or call us directly at 812-220-0648. We look forward to meeting you!

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