If one thing has become clear since the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down, it’s that businesses who haven’t yet beefed up their e-commerce distribution capabilities are falling behind. If your company needs a shipping and logistics partner for e-commerce distribution solutions, then it’s time to learn more about Ranger 3PL and the top-notch service we provide to optimize the efficiency of your supply chain. Call us at 812-522-6000 to start the conversation!

Ranger 3PL is Your Gateway to the Midwest

Indiana is often called the Crossroads of America, and for good reason. Located in Seymour, Indiana, Ranger 3PL is in the ideal location to get your company’s goods to key population centers throughout the Midwest. Major Interstate highways that all converge in Indiana include I-70, I-74, I-65, and I-69. And the drive times to six key cities are ideal, including the following:

  • Chicago, Illinois: 4 hours
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: 2 hours
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: 1 hour
  • Louisville, Kentucky: 1 hour
  • Springfield, Illinois: 4 hours
  • St. Louis, Missouri: 5 hours

As a well-established third-party logistics company, Ranger 3PL can offer a full range of services, including warehousing, inventory and supply chain management, distribution, transportation, JIT inventory management, fulfillment, pallets, and more. We’ve worked with client companies in every industry imaginable, and we’re ready to work with you!

How a Global Pandemic is Boosting E-Commerce

The e-commerce revolution has been growing steadily over the past two decades in the United States, but there have always been plenty of people who didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Going to brick-and-mortar stores for all kinds of consumer goods has just been the normal routine for millions, and they saw no reason to change that. 

But then along came the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic, and that literally changed overnight. Suddenly, millions of people weren’t so willing to just go out and shop in retail stores of all types, even including grocery stores if they could avoid it. In other words, many people who were reluctant to shop online before the pandemic have gotten onboard with e-commerce in ways they otherwise might not have. 

Now that those millions of reluctant people have gotten used to online shopping and see how easy and secure it is, many of them are going to keep buying things they need online to minimize their potential exposure to the virus. After all, safe and effective vaccines and treatments are still many months away from becoming widely available. 

What this means for every business-to-consumer retail company is the immediate need to get their e-commerce distribution solutions in place to service each customer with fast, reliable delivery of consumer goods. With Ranger 3PL on the job, our deep experience in customized warehouse, fulfillment, transportation, and JIT inventory management services, means your supply chain will operate at peak efficiency. 

Need Warehousing for E-Commerce? We’ve Got You Covered!

Ranger 3PL has 16 different warehouse facilities to serve the storage, distribution, and fulfillment needs of any company in any industry. These warehouses offer more than 700,000 square feet of warehouse capacity. Quality control is of utmost importance when it comes to safe storage of your company’s products, and our warehouses are carefully managed and climate-controlled to meet your needs, including food-grade storage if needed. Industries we’ve served include the following:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government & Nonprofits
  • Industrial Goods
  • Pharmaceuticals & Health Care
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Retail
  • Technology & Electronics
  • Transportation

And when you need the perfect pallet for your goods in our warehouses, we make custom pallets to meet your needs and specifications. Learn more about warehousing on our blog, including The Need to Grade Warehouse Logistics Services Based on Key Criteria, The Role of Warehousing in Inventory Management, and Flexible Warehousing 101

The Secret to eCommerce Success: Logistics!

Commercial success requires more than just making sales. Customer loyalty and repeat business depend on making sure purchases arrive as quickly as possible to their final destination. Storing and distributing your items throughout the Midwest and beyond presents a unique set of logistical challenges. Ranger3PL is a dedicated team of experts in warehousing, shipping, and supply chain management, and we understand what you need to make e-commerce work for you. 

If it’s time for your company to find the professional full-service logistics service provider with the experience and strategy you need to grow your e-commerce business, speak with us by calling 812-522-6000 or enter your contact information on our website and we’ll get back in touch with you to discuss your e-commerce logistics and distribution needs!

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