Our Mission Statement

Exceeding customer supply chain expectations by delivering professional and customized solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Ranger3PL was founded in 1995 as a brick-and-mortar warehousing company in Seymour, IN. In the first decade of operation, Ranger3PL developed a strong presence within Southern Indiana’s manufacturing community. In 2007, Ranger3PL was acquired by Kocolene Development Corporation (KDC). With the backing of KDC’s 80+ years in business, Ranger transformed into a dominant, asset-based third party logistics provider. The company worked to leverage knowledgeable people, best-practice processes and industry technology to provide customers with services previously unavailable in the local market.

Today, Ranger3PL’s success can be seen in the solutions provided to the various industries we serve.

Industries Served

Government & Nonprofits
Food & Beverage
Industrial Goods
Consumer Goods
Paper & Packaging
pharmaceuticals & Health Care
Energy & Infrastructure

Employee Owned and Operated

In 2009, Ranger3PL and KDC as a whole, became an ESOP (employee-owned company). In the ESOP, all employees have an ownership stake in the company, making this not only a great benefit to our team, but also a performance motivator that keeps us striving for excellence day in and day out.

Company Philosophies

Ranger3PL’s success has been built, in great part, on the hard work of our team. Through the years, our commitment to providing outstanding customer service has been unmatched in the industry. Below are our eight business philosophies. These core principles are expectations for every member of our team and are the foundation for how Ranger3PL operates today.

Team Concept
Ranger3PL has its roots as a family company and we feel strongly toward the close-knit, team concept of helping each other. None of us are as good as all of us! We can truly accomplish more working together than we can on our own.

51% Philosophy
This is another team building concept. You have no doubt heard people talk about splitting something “50-50” or meeting you “half way”. We, at Ranger3PL, feel we should all commit to going more than “half way”, more than 50% – we talk in terms of going 51% with our business contacts. Imagine the improved harmony within an organization if everybody committed themselves to doing 1% extra or overlooked 1% of petty problems or irritations when working with others. We feel this is a key ingredient to being an excellent company.

Ranger3PL’s excellent reputation has been accomplished over many years through the tireless efforts of many great people. We hope you understand that as a team member, you now represent all of those people who have preceded you in working for Ranger3PL. Their efforts to create goodwill and a good reputation with our customers are now like fine crystal in your hands. We ask that you be careful and respectful in the treatment of the efforts and careers of your predecessors. Be professional in your position, and put forth the 100% effort needed 100% of the time to make Kocolene an excellent corporation.

Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. Leaders take responsibility, work hard, maintain a sense of urgency, and care about the people around them. Leadership starts with understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. With this understanding, we begin to see how everyone can be a leader and a valuable part of our team.

The Golden Rule
Quite simply, this philosophy is to treat others like you would like be treated. This should extend to all business contacts: customers, suppliers, as well as fellow staff members.

Communication has been described as “…the chain of understanding that integrates an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top, and from side to side.” With that “chain of understanding” throughout an integrated organization, corporate excellence is well within grasp. Poor communications is the number one problem in the world today. At Ranger3PL, we are very concerned with effective communications.

Commission vs. Omission
In any leadership position, decisions will be made that prove to be wrong. We feel these can be classified into two types: Errors of Commission and Errors of Omission. An error of commission happens when the decision maker analyzes a situation, draws a conclusion and makes a decision. Although proven to be wrong in time, the leader did provide leadership and made a decision. An error of Omission occurs when a leader hesitates to commit to a decision and, therefore, does nothing. As a leader for Ranger3PL, you are accepted into a decision-making position. Use all resources available to you, analyze all the information, then act. If the decision proves to be wrong, we can only critique you, not criticize. We do not expect perfect leaders. We do, however, expect and want decision makers.

A concept in psychology and normally a result of an individual’s life experiences and environment. Attitude is a way of feeling or acting toward a person, thing or situation. It is a state of mind; a mental and emotional outlook toward the world around you. At Ranger3PL we encourage our team members to face every situation with a positive attitude.

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