How Investing in Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Positions Companies for Growth


In a global online marketplace dominated by the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others, product shipment and delivery logistics play a key role in brand perception and customer retention. These global powerhouses have realized the value that proper logistics management brings to the table.

Not every company has the resources of Walmart or the vertical integration capabilities of Amazon, but every company has the opportunity to make growth-focused investments in logistics and shipping. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies bring all of the experience and logistics capabilities of large multi-channel operations, but at a fraction of the investment. A 3PL can help any company, big or small, manage their logistics needs from tendering an order to fulfillment.


Transportation logistics can be tough to manage for a small or mid-size company. Getting the most cost-effective and timely ground transportation is complex. 3PLs can bring experience to the table and ensure that you’re optimizing every step of the supply chain.

Making an investment in logistics and ground transportation pays off as well. In a report titled, “The Logistics Transport Evolution: The Road Ahead,” 3PL provider DHL found that “83 percent of businesses are willing to pay more for better and value-added services as long as they provide a measurable return on their investment; 71 percent now consider ground transportation as a strategic component of their business; and 75 percent believe spending time and resources to improve their ground transportation will directly help sales.”

DHL surveyed managers, directors, vice presidents and senior vice presidents as well as corporate officers, CXOs and presidents from over 200 companies across the globe for this data, and it clearly shows that ground transportation and shipping logistics are key strategic concerns for companies everywhere.

They also found that having a streamlined and effective logistics plan through a 3PL is a brand differentiator. For companies like those surveyed above, having a 3PL at their side translates to on-time, reliable deliveries in perfect condition without the headaches that can come with in-house logistics management.

The value doesn’t stop there. According to the same report, “The number one requirement when choosing a 3PL was the ability to ‘manage multiple transportation solutions that solve all my ground transportation needs.’” Essentially, having a 3PL assist with multiple logistical solutions throughout an order process allows these companies to simultaneously solve complex transportation issues and increase brand value through streamlined ordering, fulfillment, and quality assurance.

Time to Market

3PLs also add value by working out ways to reduce the time it takes to get from production to market. Keeping time-to-market low means that your customers get their orders quickly and effectively and also helps make sure that your manufacturing doesn’t outpace your storage capabilities.

The faster you get your product into the hands of your customers, the more time you’ll have to focus on business development and growth.

Growth Preparation

Every company wants to grow, but sometimes faster than expected growth can strain company resources and reduce product quality. By investing in a 3PL early, you can scale growth quicker, more effectively and with fewer internal struggles.

3PLs are uniquely qualified to help you expand your business reach by optimizing transportation costs and services, offering flexible warehousing, and providing quality control. With Ranger3PL, helping your business grow and thrive is our top priority. We want to solve your most complex logistics issues and remove as many logistical barriers blocking your path as possible.

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