Integration Of Technology Into Transportation

The way the world functions and interacts is evolving. From the change in technology in our homes and kitchen appliances, to the way we receive information in schools and places of business, to the methods of transportation we use to get to each location, more adjustments are being made in the digital age.

Business changes as opportunities arise. Meanwhile, your company needs a third-party logistics (3PL) company with proper technological resources to match the movement. Even if you aren’t currently interested in the most advanced tech, consider a 3PL that has the options and availability to be there, not a matter of if, but when your needs change. Additionally, technology leads to easier and more effective transportation and scalability in your business:


Technology advancements in logistics, as far as the communication process goes, are being seen from first contact with a client, within the warehouses, all the way up to the moment we reach a customer’s front door. Every aspect can be tagged, tracked, and organized instantly through a few clicks on a keyboard. Now we have digital connections instead of stacks of papers and tangled landlines that were previously cumbersome to our daily productivity.


Integration of in-house robotics and mobile applications, as well as the analysis of big-data and utilization of blockchain technology assists in finding the quickest, most effective way to solve complications and improve workflow. Having technology with the ability to stay diligent and aware at all times can help reduce human-error and cuts down on the time it takes to manually find the problem and then provide a solution.


Clients and customers have access through websites and mobile applications to their shipment information and the progress of each delivery. With the help of this on-board GPS technology, drivers also have the option to make adjustments to find the best, up-to-date routes while on the road. Both offer a newfound freedom from being in the dark, whether on the sending or receiving end of a shipment.


More sophisticated solutions can be found when the transportation industry takes into account what technology is becoming available to use in order to amplify business goals and logistical capabilities. We encourage you to continue researching what is working best for the industry and applying it to what fits your company’s needs. This will continue to be the goal as we all move forward, integrating and adapting to changes and advancements in technology.

In the long run, incorporating technology into the transportation and logistics industries increases customer involvement, warehouse efficiency, and shipping reliability. It also offers growth through fulfillment transparency, reduction of errors, optimizes transportation methods, and helps meet the expectations and beats the demands of our clients and customers alike.

If you’re interested in anticipating and adapting to the movement in the supply chain, contact Ranger3PL today to see how we can move together!